White Hat Studios, a frontrunner in iGaming content provision, has etched its name in history as the pioneer supplier to launch in all seven regulated iGaming states across the United States. This remarkable feat was realized with the recent inauguration in Rhode Island, facilitated by a strategic alliance with Bally’s.

White Hat Studios with Bally’s

Solidifying Leadership in Key Markets

The successful debut in Rhode Island reaffirms White Hat Studios’ status as a premier supplier of casino entertainment in vital regulated markets throughout the US. With existing operations in West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, the company’s expansion into Rhode Island stands as another significant milestone in its trajectory.

Driven by Quality and Innovation

The company attributes its triumph to an extensive array of top-tier content that resonates profoundly with players. Acclaimed titles such as The Goonies, Ted Cashlock, and Jackpot Royale have not only garnered widespread acclaim but have also contributed to a surge in gross gaming revenue (GGR) shares for the company in the early months of 2024.

Strategic Partnerships for Growth

The rapid expansion of White Hat Studios has been fueled by strategic collaborations with leading operators in each state. Partnerships with renowned brands like BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars have played a pivotal role in extending the company’s reach and bolstering player engagement nationwide.

Confidence in Future Prospects

Andy Whitworth, CEO of White Hat Studios, exudes confidence in the company’s future, citing the enthusiastic reception of their games among both players and operators. Whitworth anticipates that the company’s entry into Rhode Island will propel its upward trajectory in the US iGaming market to even greater heights.

Commendation for Exceptional Offerings

Craig Eaton, President of Rhode Island Operations at Bally’s, applauds White Hat Studios for its outstanding offerings and consistent performance in the market. He highlights the excitement among Bally’s customers for the dynamic and immersive slots provided by White Hat Studios.

Continued Expansion and Innovation

The company’s expansion into Rhode Island closely follows its partnership with Rush Street Interactive to launch BetRivers in Delaware, marking its sixth entry into a US iGaming state. Additionally, the recent introduction of its PAM system with Bally’s in Rhode Island further solidifies its collaboration with the operator.

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

As White Hat Studios continues to forge new paths in the US iGaming landscape, its commitment to delivering innovative and captivating gaming experiences remains steadfast.

FAQs Guide: White Hat Studios’ US iGaming Expansion

1. What is White Hat Studios’ recent achievement in the US iGaming industry?

It has become the first supplier to launch in all seven regulated iGaming states in the United States, including its recent debut in Rhode Island.

2. What contributed to White Hat Studios’ success in the US iGaming market?

The company attributes its success to its extensive portfolio of high-quality gaming content, which has resonated well with players across various states.

3. How does White Hat Studios plan to expand its presence in the US iGaming landscape?

The company plans to continue its expansion through strategic partnerships with leading operators, such as BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars, in each state.

4. What are some notable achievements and initiatives of White Hat Studios in Rhode Island?

It has recently partnered with Bally’s to launch its PAM system in Rhode Island, further strengthening its collaboration with the operator and expanding its range of offerings.

5. What does the future hold for White Hat Studios in the US iGaming market?

It remains committed to delivering innovative and captivating gaming experiences as it continues to expand its presence and solidify its position as a premier supplier in the US iGaming landscape.

6. How has White Hat Studios’ expansion impacted player engagement and gross gaming revenue (GGR) shares?

It has led to increased player engagement and a surge in gross gaming revenue (GGR) shares, driven by the popularity of its acclaimed gaming titles.

7. What are the key factors driving White Hat Studios’ success in the US iGaming market?

Strategic partnerships with leading operators, a diverse portfolio of high-quality gaming content, and a commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences have been key factors driving the company’s success.

8. How does White Hat Studios contribute to the broader goal of advancing the US iGaming industry?

The company’s expansion efforts contribute to the advancement of the US iGaming industry by providing players with access to regulated and immersive gaming experiences while fostering partnerships that drive positive growth and innovation.

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