In an exciting turn of events, fantasy football takes center stage in Brazil as 20Shots, a prominent free-to-play affiliate and marketing firm, joins forces with Bitx to introduce a captivating fantasy football competition. This strategic alliance not only marks 20Shots’ continued exploration of the Brazilian market but also positions Bitx as the exclusive partner for their fantasy football game tailored for the Paulista competition in Brazil’s vibrant iGaming market.

As 20Shots intensifies its Brazilian journey, the partnership with Bitx stands out as a significant move to tap into the thriving fantasy football community in the region. This collaboration is set to elevate the fantasy gaming experience for enthusiasts in Brazil.

The collaboration not only cements Bitx’s position as the exclusive partner for 20Shots’ fantasy football game but also signifies a deeper integration, allowing Bitx to establish sole proprietorship over this engaging gaming venture. The fantasy football game, crafted specifically for the Paulista competition, reflects the commitment of 20Shots and Bitx to provide a tailor-made, immersive experience for Brazilian iGaming enthusiasts. This product is poised to redefine the landscape of fantasy football in the region.

Bitx’s involvement extends beyond the Paulista competition, as the operator eagerly anticipates joining forces with 20Shots’ other Brazilian partners to host the Serie A (Brasilierio). With the season set to kick off in April, this collaboration promises an expansive and thrilling fantasy football experience for fans nationwide. Noteworthy is the efficiency with which this partnership unfolded. From the initial discussions to the product launch, the entire process took a mere three weeks, showcasing the agility and dedication of both 20Shots and Bitx.

Franco Oggiano, a representative for Bitx, expressed excitement about integrating 20Shots’ free-to-play affiliate model into their site. He anticipates the game’s contribution to acquiring and engaging with new and existing customers, emphasizing the seamless integration process.

Jacob Kalms, the Founder of 20Shots, shared his enthusiasm for the unfolding developments. He highlighted the significance of 2024 as a monumental year for their ventures, emphasizing their commitment to further penetrate the Brazilian market collaboratively, mirroring their success in the UK.

The partnership between 20Shots and Bitx signifies not only a strategic alliance but a commitment to revolutionizing the fantasy football experience in Brazil. As the collaboration extends to Serie A (Brasilierio), football enthusiasts can anticipate a season filled with excitement and unparalleled gaming thrills.

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