The excitement surrounding the Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific has reached its climax as the highly anticipated Shortlist for the Executive of the Year category is revealed. Hosted by Gambling Insider in collaboration with industry leaders, this prestigious event serves as a beacon of recognition for exceptional leadership and innovation within the gaming realm.


Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific

The Global Gaming Awards: A Testament to Excellence

Establishing itself as the pinnacle of distinction, the Global Gaming Awards commands unparalleled respect within the gaming domain. Renowned for its meticulous shortlisting and voting processes, this illustrious ceremony sets the benchmark for acknowledging excellence across various facets of the gaming industry.

A Transparent and Fair Selection Process

Central to the integrity of the Global Gaming Awards is the unwavering commitment to transparency and fairness in the selection process. A panel of seasoned industry veterans meticulously evaluates each nominee, ensuring that only the most deserving individuals are acknowledged for their invaluable contributions.

The Role of the Judging Panel

The esteemed Judging Panel, comprised of eminent figures with extensive experience in the APAC gaming landscape, assumes the critical responsibility of adjudicating the awards. With KPMG in the Crown Dependencies overseeing the voting process independently, every effort is made to uphold the highest standards of impartiality and objectivity.

Celebrating Visionary Leadership: The Shortlisted Nominees

This year’s Shortlist for Executive of the Year features a cohort of exemplary leaders whose visionary stewardship has propelled their respective companies to unprecedented heights. Delving into the profiles of these luminaries who epitomize excellence in the gaming industry:

  1. Jaclyn Wood, CEO, The Lottery Office

Exemplifying exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment, Jaclyn Wood has steered The Lottery Office to unparalleled success within the Australian gaming landscape. Her visionary approach and ability to inspire greatness have been instrumental in achieving exponential growth for the company.

  1. Joe Pisano, Founder & CEO, Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies

A trailblazer in his own right, Joe Pisano’s entrepreneurial acumen has garnered widespread acclaim within the gaming fraternity. His relentless pursuit of innovation and investment in product development have positioned Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies as a formidable player in the industry.

  1. Hubert Wang, President & COO, MGM China

Hubert Wang’s strategic foresight and commitment to diversification have been instrumental in driving substantial growth for MGM China. His advocacy for mass gaming in Macau underscores his vision for a more sustainable and profitable future for the region.

  1. Jessica Mellor, CEO, The Star Gold Coast

Jessica Mellor’s exemplary leadership during challenging times epitomizes resilience and determination. As CEO of The Star Gold Coast, she has navigated the company through turbulent waters, earning accolades for her steadfast leadership and strategic initiatives.

  1. Ken Jolly, Managing Director – Asia, Light & Wonder

With over four decades of global experience in the gaming industry, Ken Jolly stands as a venerable figure renowned for his unparalleled expertise. His instrumental role in driving growth for Light & Wonder has cemented the company’s position as a dominant force in the Asian market.

  1. Alejandro H. Tengco, Chairman & CEO, PAGCOR

Alejandro H. Tengco’s tenure at PAGCOR has been characterized by a commitment to fostering strong relationships within the gaming community. His efforts to enhance regulatory functions and promote the Philippines as a premier gaming destination underscore his dedication to the industry’s growth.

  1. Lloyd Robson, General Manager – Asia, Aristocrat Gaming

Lloyd Robson’s leadership prowess and dedication to corporate social responsibility have earned him widespread acclaim. As General Manager – Asia at Aristocrat Gaming, he has spearheaded initiatives to drive positive change within the gaming ecosystem.

  1. Estella Tuason–Occeña, EVP, CFO & Treasurer, Bloomberry Resorts Corporation

Estella Tuason–Occeña’s strategic acumen and financial expertise have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of Bloomberry Resorts Corporation. Her unwavering commitment to articulating and executing long-term strategies has positioned the company for sustained growth and success.

A Glittering Celebration of Excellence

As the gaming industry converges to celebrate the pinnacle of achievement, the stage is set for an unforgettable evening of recognition and camaraderie. The forthcoming Global Gaming Awards promises to be a testament to the unwavering spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the gaming landscape.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for the grand finale of the Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific on June 4th, coinciding with the SiGMA Asia Summit in Manila. Join them as they pay tribute to the luminaries shaping the future of gaming, both regionally and globally.

Join the Celebration

For those unable to attend in person, the ceremony will be live-streamed on Gambling Insider’s LinkedIn platform, ensuring that enthusiasts from around the world can partake in the festivities.

FAQs About the Shortlist for Executive of the Year

1. What is the significance of the Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific?

The Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific holds significant importance as it recognizes outstanding leadership and innovation within the gaming industry, serving as a prestigious platform for industry players.

2. How are nominees selected for the Executive of the Year category?

Nominees for the Executive of the Year category are selected through a meticulous process involving a panel of seasoned industry experts who evaluate each nominee’s contributions and achievements.

3. Who hosts the Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific?

The Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific is hosted by Gambling Insider, a reputable entity in the gaming sector known for its collaboration with industry giants.

4. What role does KPMG play in the awards process?

KPMG in the Crown Dependencies oversees the voting process independently, ensuring transparency and impartiality in the selection of winners.

5. Can anyone attend the Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific ceremony?

Yes, anyone interested can attend the ceremony, which is often a highly anticipated event in the gaming industry calendar.

6. How can individuals participate if they are unable to attend the ceremony in person?

Individuals can participate remotely by tuning into the live stream of the ceremony on Gambling Insider’s LinkedIn platform.

7. What types of achievements are recognized at the Global Gaming Awards?

The Global Gaming Awards recognize a wide range of achievements, including exemplary leadership, innovation, and contributions to the gaming industry.

8. Who are some notable nominees for the Executive of the Year category?

Notable nominees for the Executive of the Year category include Jaclyn Wood, Joe Pisano, Hubert Wang, Jessica Mellor, Ken Jolly, Alejandro H. Tengco, Lloyd Robson, and Estella Tuason–Occeña.

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