Unibet, a leading online casino and sports betting platform under the Kindred umbrella, has announced the appointment of three distinguished boxing champions as brand ambassadors. This strategic collaboration marks one of the largest deals in women’s boxing, reinforcing Unibet’s commitment to championing diversity and excellence in sports sponsorship. 

As part of Kindred, Unibet has consistently demonstrated its dedication to supporting various sports, and the recent inclusion of three accomplished women in its sponsorship model signifies a significant leap forward for women’s boxing. Raven Chapman, a WBC International Champion; Ellie Scotney, an IBF World Super-Bantamweight Champion; and Nina Hughes, the WBA Bantamweight World Title holder, are the three remarkable women joining Unibet’s roster.

Unibet’s move to include these three women as brand ambassadors underscores a shift in the sports sponsorship landscape, particularly in the traditionally male-dominated arena of boxing. The sponsorship deal not only elevates the individual profiles of these champions but also emphasizes Unibet’s commitment to supporting diversity and equality within the sporting world. 

Sam Mead, Kindred Group General Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the new brand ambassadors, saying, “Interest in women’s boxing is booming, and we felt Kindred needed to double down on our commitment to the sport—and these three fantastic fighters in particular. We couldn’t think of three better brand ambassadors for Kindred, as they encapsulate everything great about boxing. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for them all, and we hope that Kindred’s support helps drive them to even bigger and better achievements.” 

Kindred has a history of engaging with the boxing community, having partnered with male boxers across various divisions. The ongoing multi-year partnership with Queensberry Promotions, the company that represents Raven Chapman, further solidifies Unibet’s commitment to the sport. 

Upon her appointment, Raven Chapman expressed excitement about Unibet’s clear commitment to women’s boxing. She said, “Unibet has made a clear commitment to women’s boxing, and it’s exciting to be part of it. In speaking to them, it was clear that their ambitions for the sport match mine, and their support will be invaluable to me as my career develops.”

Beyond boxing, Kindred has established itself as an active participant in sports sponsorship, with a diverse portfolio that includes partnerships with prominent football clubs such as Rangers FC, Leeds United, and Middlesbrough FC. This broad engagement showcases Kindred’s commitment to supporting a range of sports on both national and international levels.

Unibet’s bold step in appointing Raven Chapman, Ellie Scotney, and Nina Hughes as brand ambassadors is a testament to the company’s commitment to diversity and excellence in sports sponsorship. This move not only elevates the status of women in boxing but also sets a precedent for inclusive practices within the broader sports industry.

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