The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Lowers Gaming Revenue Remittance Rate

PAGCOR The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation has unveiled plans to reduce gross gaming revenue (GGR) remittance rates for casinos. This decision, spearheaded by Alejandro Tengco, PAGCOR’s Chairman and CEO, aims to align the country’s gaming regulations with global standards . The impending adjustment, effective from April 1, 2024, marks a significant shift from the previous remittance rates, positioning the Philippines as a more attractive destination for gaming investors. 


The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)

Understanding PAGCOR‘s Decision

Lowering Remittance Rates: A Strategic Move

As part of PAGCOR’s broader initiative to attract increased gaming investment, the reduction in remittance rates signifies a proactive approach to fostering industry growth. Tengco highlights the importance of this step in enticing both local and foreign investors, thereby stimulating economic development within the Philippines.

Focus on Regulatory Compliance

One of PAGCOR’s key objectives is to incentivize illegal casinos to legalize their operations by securing a license. By offering more favorable remittance rates, the corporation aims to encourage compliance with regulatory frameworks, ensuring a level playing field for all gaming establishments.

Factors Driving Industry Stability

Entry of Integrated Casinos

Tengco emphasizes the significance of integrated casinos in bolstering the gaming industry. These establishments offer a comprehensive entertainment experience, attracting a diverse clientele and contributing to the sector’s sustainability.

Growth of Electronic Games Sector

The Electronic Games sector represents a burgeoning segment within the gaming industry. Its robust performance underscores the evolving preferences of consumers and presents lucrative opportunities for operators and investors alike.

Privatization of PAGCOR Casinos

The planned privatization of PAGCOR-operated casinos signals a strategic shift in governance structure. By introducing private sector involvement, PAGCOR aims to enhance operational efficiency and optimize revenue generation.

Anticipated Industry Growth

Projected Gaming Revenue

Based on PAGCOR’s latest reports, the regulated casino industry is poised for substantial growth, with anticipated GGR reaching PHP$336.38bn (US$6bn). This optimistic outlook underscores the industry’s resilience and its potential to drive economic prosperity.

Expansion Plans

PAGCOR’s vision extends beyond rate adjustments, with ambitious plans for expanding the gaming landscape. The corporation intends to inaugurate new integrated resorts at regular intervals, catering to the burgeoning demand for leisure and entertainment.

Recent Financial Developments

In addition to remittance rate revisions, PAGCOR has recently advocated for changes in staff remuneration, underscoring its commitment to organizational efficiency and employee welfare. This multifaceted approach reflects PAGCOR’s proactive stance in navigating evolving industry dynamics.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What is PAGCOR’s rationale behind lowering remittance rates?

  • PAGCOR aims to stimulate gaming investment and encourage regulatory compliance by offering more competitive remittance rates.

2.How will the reduction in remittance rates impact the gaming industry?

  • Lower remittance rates are expected to attract greater investment, foster industry growth, and promote a level playing field among gaming establishments.

3.What factors are driving stability in the gaming industry, according to Tengco?

  • Tengco highlights the importance of integrated casinos, the growth of the Electronic Games sector, and the planned privatization of PAGCOR casinos in ensuring long-term industry stability.

4.What is the projected gaming revenue for the regulated casino industry?

  • PAGCOR anticipates the industry to generate PHP$336.38bn (US$6bn) in GGR, reflecting sustained growth and increasing demand for gaming and entertainment.

5.What expansion plans does PAGCOR have for the gaming landscape?

  • PAGCOR plans to inaugurate new integrated resorts regularly, catering to the growing demand for leisure and entertainment experiences.

6.What recent financial initiatives has PAGCOR undertaken besides remittance rate adjustments?

  • In addition to rate revisions, PAGCOR has advocated for changes in staff remuneration, demonstrating its commitment to organizational efficiency and employee welfare.


PAGCOR’s decision to lower gaming revenue remittance rates marks a strategic endeavor to propel industry growth and attract investment. By fostering regulatory compliance and promoting industry stability, PAGCOR aims to position the Philippines as a premier gaming destination. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, PAGCOR remains steadfast in its commitment to driving sustainable growth and contributing to national development.

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