The public-facing website of the Nevada Gaming Control Board recently fell prey to a cyber attack, forcing it offline for an extended period. Despite the breach, there is currently no indication that personal information or financial records have been compromised.

The agency acknowledged in a recent social media post that the cyber attack was specifically targeted at the public-facing websites of both the control board and the Nevada Gaming Commission, the entities responsible for overseeing the state’s gaming industry.

Reports suggest that the affected website contained a range of information, including agency meeting agendas, gaming regulations, press releases, public statistics, and contact details, along with biographies of board and commission members. However, critical details such as gaming license information and financial records were stored on a separate, internal state agency system, ensuring their safety from cyber intrusion.

Chairman Kirk Hendrick refrained from commenting on the incident, while The Board explained through a statement on social media, saying, “Technology personnel initiated immediate steps to protect the website by taking it offline. The board is working with experts to thoroughly assess the situation. While working to restore the full website, the board is preparing to publish a temporary website for those seeking access to information.”

Remarkably, the cyber attack did not extend its impact to other state agencies, which continue to function normally. The Nevada Gaming Commission’s monthly meeting proceeded as scheduled, without any mention of the incident. This incident follows last September’s high-profile cyber attacks on major casino operators in Nevada, including MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, resulting in substantial financial losses and reputational damage.

Significantly, in June of the previous year, Nevada lawmakers approved funds for the upgrade of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s information technology system. This strategic move aimed to replace the outdated system from the 1980s, distinct from the website, which plays a crucial role in facilitating board functions.

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