In a strategic move to simplify integration for its partners, supplier TVBet has unveiled a new umbrella brand, Betcore. This umbrella brand brings together four distinct sub-brands, offering an all-encompassing iGaming experience through a single API. Betcore serves as the umbrella brand that unites four sub-brands, namely TVBet, Fastsport, El Casino, and Bet on Games. This consolidation is designed to streamline the integration process for partners, providing a cohesive platform to access an extensive portfolio of gaming verticals.

Betcore, through its unified API, offers partners access to four diverse iGaming verticals. This not only simplifies the integration process but also grants partners the flexibility to explore a wide range of games seamlessly. The goal is to enhance the partner experience by providing a one-stop solution for their iGaming needs.

Under the Betcore umbrella, TVBet steals the spotlight with its 24/7 live games. This sub-brand ensures an immersive gaming experience, available around the clock. From live shows to interactive games, TVBet adds a dynamic touch to the Betcore portfolio.

Fastsport, another facet of Betcore, caters to sports enthusiasts with its fast-paced sports games. Whether it’s virtual races or action-packed sports simulations, Fastsport delivers an adrenaline rush, appealing to a broad audience seeking quick and engaging gameplay. El Casino brings the elegance of live casino classics to the Betcore API. From timeless card games to interactive live dealer experiences, this sub-brand offers a sophisticated gaming environment, attracting players seeking an authentic casino ambiance.

Bet on Games diversifies the Betcore portfolio by offering a plethora of instant win games. From thrilling crash games to classic slots, lotteries, and scratch cards, this sub-brand ensures there’s something for every type of player looking for instant gratification.

Peter Korpusenko, the Founder of TVBet and Betcore, emphasizes the significance of speed, flexibility, and simplicity, saying, “Speed, flexibility, simplicity and quick results are the keys to understanding the current time and meeting the needs of the new generation and its evolving preferences. This is why, over the past year, we have significantly expanded our offer and gone beyond TVBet. Now, we are a big brand, Betcore, that offers many iGaming lines such as live games, sports games, live casino games, slots, crash games, and much more to integrate. All this will allow our partners to quickly and easily expand their portfolio, thereby attracting clients and increasing their income.”

The launch of Betcore marks a paradigm shift in the iGaming landscape, providing partners with a unified platform to access diverse gaming verticals seamlessly. As the industry embraces this all-in-one iGaming experience, the ripple effect is evident in the expanding market presence of collaborators like Octoplay. Betcore’s journey has just begun, promising a new era of simplicity, flexibility, and unparalleled gaming excitement.

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