XY Legal Solutions, the innovative force behind the Dutch ‘Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates (KVA),’ is expanding its global footprint with the introduction of the Quality Mark Responsible Affiliates (QMRA) in six regulated markets: Spain, Norway, the UK, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

Affiliates seeking to secure the prestigious QMRA accreditation will find an effortless and efficient application process. Interested parties can register; however, each website requires an application to be submitted separately using an intuitive contact form. The QMRA Team carefully examines every website to make sure it complies with customized compliance codes that are unique to the regulatory nuances of every market. These codes serve as comprehensive guides to the legal landscape in the specified regions, empowering affiliates to seamlessly navigate and adhere to evolving regulations.

To uphold the highest standards, membership fees for QMRA are set at €695 ($757) annually per website, excluding VAT. Recognizing the industry’s diversity, a discounted rate of €595 is available for companies operating three or more websites.

The decision to launch QMRA in these international markets stems from the resounding success of KVA in the Netherlands. The positive reception underscored a global demand for a standardized affiliate quality mark, signaling a pivotal moment for XY Legal Solutions.

In an era where compliance requirements in the iGaming sector are intensifying across regulated markets, affiliates face growing pressure to demonstrate their capacity to meet and sustain these standards. QMRA, therefore, aims to serve as a trusted emblem of reliability for affiliates, spotlighting their unwavering commitment to compliance for operators and users alike.

Moreover, the QMRA compliance procedures are designed to offer affiliates a valuable resource, helping them navigate the intricate web of relevant legislation. As XY Legal Solutions continues to pioneer advancements in affiliate quality assurance, the QMRA initiative sets a new benchmark for elevating standards and fostering transparency in the ever-evolving landscape of iGaming.

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