US Integrity, a pioneering technology-driven sports wagering monitoring company, has entered into a transformative partnership with the esteemed Professional Fighters League (PFL). This groundbreaking collaboration underscores the shared commitment of both entities to uphold integrity and transparency in sports betting activities. 

The partnership between US Integrity and PFL heralds a new era of integrity protection in the sports industry. As part of this alliance, US Integrity will deploy ProhiBet, its advanced, fully encrypted, decentralized cross-monitoring and notification services, to safeguard the integrity of PFL events. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, ProhiBet will ensure compliance with state-specific regulations and prevent PFL stakeholders from engaging in unauthorized wagering activities.

ProhiBet serves as a pivotal component of this partnership, offering robust solutions designed to protect the integrity of sporting events. By harnessing secure and transparent technology, ProhiBet will uphold the highest standards of integrity and compliance within the PFL, bolstering trust and confidence in sports betting activities. Notably, ProhiBet will play a crucial role in preventing athletes, coaches, officials, and staff associated with the PFL from participating in illicit wagering practices. 

US Integrity has a proven track record of spearheading integrity initiatives in the sports wagering industry. Led by industry experts and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the company is dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of sporting events and ensuring fair play. The partnership with PFL underscores US Integrity’s unwavering commitment to fostering transparency and trustworthiness in sports betting activities. 

Matt Heap, Managing Director of ProhiBet, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with PFL. Drawing on his extensive experience in compliance matters, Heap emphasized the significance of this collaboration in enhancing the integrity of sports betting activities. He lauded PFL’s dedication to combating fraud and underscored the pivotal role of ProhiBet’s advanced technology in achieving this goal.

The partnership between US Integrity and PFL marks a significant milestone in the sports integrity landscape. Notably, this collaboration follows US Integrity’s recent alliance with the BIG EAST Conference, further underscoring the company’s commitment to integrity surveillance and educational initiatives in sports associations.

The partnership between US Integrity and the Professional Fighters League represents a landmark development in the realm of sports integrity. Through the deployment of ProhiBet’s advanced monitoring solutions, the alliance aims to fortify integrity measures and uphold the highest standards of compliance within the PFL. This collaboration underscores the collective efforts of industry leaders to safeguard the integrity and transparency of sports wagering activities, setting a new standard for integrity protection in the sports industry.

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