Supplier Games Global has forged an unprecedented alliance with the globally revered mixed martial arts powerhouse UFC. This pioneering partnership marks a paradigm shift in gaming, aiming to inject an electrifying dose of adrenaline into the gaming experience through a series of UFC-themed slot titles over the forthcoming three years.

Games Global and UFC Partnership

A Thrilling Journey Begins: Exclusive Soft Launch and Global Rollout

The journey commences with an exclusive soft launch, igniting anticipation among players and UFC enthusiasts worldwide. Come July, the unveiling of newly minted titles will commence, signaling the onset of a global rollout. With 1,300 titles already under its belt, sourced from 40 in-house and partnered studios, Games Global is primed to transcend conventional boundaries, infusing the gripping essence of UFC into its gaming repertoire.

Games Global’s Expansion and IPO Filing

As the dust settles from this momentous announcement, Games Global’s strategic filing of a registration statement for a proposed initial public offering (IPO) captures attention. The bold move underscores the company’s aspirations to debut on the esteemed New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), showcasing its commitment to innovation and global outreach.

Leveraging UFC’s Massive Reach

The allure of this collaboration is further heightened by UFC’s colossal social media footprint, boasting an astonishing 260 million followers. This mammoth audience presents an unparalleled opportunity for Games Global to amplify its exposure and solidify its stature as an industry frontrunner. By tapping into UFC’s fervent fanbase, Games Global aims to carve a niche as a leading player in the gaming arena.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Echoing sentiments of excitement, Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Games Global, heralds the partnership as a game-changer. Booth expresses fervent enthusiasm, proclaiming, “Games Global is thrilled to announce this knockout partnership with UFC, bringing the Octagon to life across multiple epic slot titles in the next few years. This exclusive deal allows us to develop UFC-themed online slots for millions of UFC fans who share our passion for action and excitement.”

Tracey Bleczinski’s Perspective

Adding depth to the discourse, Tracey Bleczinski, a key figure at UFC, emphasizes the organization’s dedication to innovation and audience engagement. Bleczinski articulates, “At UFC, we’re always looking for innovative ways to engage with our passionate fanbase around the world. This exciting new partnership with Games Global allows us to do just that by bringing the intensity and energy of the Octagon to life through unique UFC-themed slots titles.”

Strengthening UFC’s Presence in Asia

In tandem with this collaboration, asserts its official partnership with UFC in Asia, consolidating the organization’s foothold in the region. This strategic move underscores UFC’s commitment to expanding its global imprint and fostering deeper connections with its diverse audience base.

Conclusion: Supplier Games Global Collaboration

Supplier Games Global’s groundbreaking collaboration with UFC heralds a new era in gaming, characterized by innovation, excitement, and unparalleled engagement. As the partnership unfolds, players can anticipate a riveting fusion of gaming and sports entertainment, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience like never before.

FAQs About Games Global and UFC Collaboration

1. What is the significance of Games Global’s collaboration with UFC?

The collaboration signifies a groundbreaking fusion of gaming and sports entertainment, promising an unparalleled gaming experience to players worldwide.

2. How many titles does Games Global currently offer?

Games Global boasts an extensive portfolio comprising 1,300 titles sourced from 40 in-house and partnered studios.

3. What impact does UFC’s social media following have on the partnership?

UFC’s massive social media presence, with 260 million followers, amplifies the exposure and visibility of Games Global’s UFC-themed slot titles, facilitating broader audience engagement.

4. How does Games Global plan to leverage this collaboration for its IPO?

The strategic collaboration with UFC bolsters Games Global’s market positioning, aligning with its IPO ambitions to debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

5. What insights do industry leaders offer regarding this collaboration?

Industry leaders, including Andy Booth and Tracey Bleczinski, express unwavering enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the gaming landscape and deepen audience engagement.

6. What implications does this collaboration hold for UFC’s presence in Asia?

The collaboration underscores UFC’s commitment to expanding its global footprint, with’s partnership in Asia further solidifying its presence in the region.

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