Anticipation mounts as Regulating the Game prepares for its highly anticipated 2025 Sydney conference. As a leading international gathering in the gambling sector, this annual event offers a vibrant platform for regulators, researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals to come together and participate in transformative dialogues.

2025 Sydney Conference

A Global Hub of Collaboration

In its fifth year, the Regulating the Game conference has cemented its status as a premier forum for nurturing collaboration and driving innovation within the gambling industry. Drawing attendees from across the globe, the conference serves as a hub for exchanging insights, exploring emerging trends, and shaping the future direction of the sector.

Exploring Key Topics

Over the course of five days, the Regulating the Game conference will delve into a diverse array of topics crucial to the industry’s development. From the integration of artificial intelligence in gambling to strategies for combating anti-money laundering and promoting responsible gaming practices, the agenda promises an in-depth exploration of pivotal issues and emerging trends.

Inviting Industry Leaders

As Regulating the Game opens its speaker applications, it extends a warm invitation to industry leaders, policymakers, compliance experts, and researchers to contribute their voices to this transformative event. Emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts, the conference aims to facilitate dialogue, foster positive change, and cultivate a safer, more sustainable gambling environment for all stakeholders.

Shaping Industry Standards

Under the guidance of esteemed industry veteran Paul Newson, former President of the International Association of Gaming Regulators and Trustee of the New South Wales (NSW) Responsible Gambling Fund, Regulating the Game is poised to pioneer new standards in regulatory practices and industry innovation. With a wealth of experience in shaping impactful policies and regulations in NSW, Newson brings invaluable expertise and vision to this groundbreaking event.

Join the Conversation in Sydney

In the vibrant city of Sydney, against the backdrop of iconic landmarks and a rich cultural tapestry, Regulating the Game invites you to be part of an extraordinary experience. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional, a dedicated researcher, or an advocate for responsible gaming, your participation is integral to shaping the future of the gambling landscape.

Charting the Path Forward

As Regulating the Game prepares for its 2025 Sydney conference, the stage is set for a convergence of ideas, perspectives, and aspirations. Let us embark on this journey of empowerment, engagement, and innovation as we collectively strive towards a safer, more sustainable future for the gambling industry and beyond.

FAQs About Applications Open for Regulating the Game’s 2025 Sydney Conference

1. Why is the Regulating the Game conference significant in the gambling sector?

The Regulating the Game conference is a key event in the gambling sector, offering a platform for industry professionals to engage in transformative discussions and collaborations.

2. What topics will be covered at the 2025 Sydney conference?

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence in gambling, anti-money laundering, responsible gambling practices, and emerging trends in the industry.

3. Who is encouraged to apply as speakers for the event?

Industry leaders, policymakers, compliance experts, researchers, and anyone with insights into the gambling sector are encouraged to apply as speakers for the Regulating the Game conference.

4. Who is Paul Newson, and what role does he play in the conference?

Paul Newson is an esteemed industry veteran who leads the conference. As the former President of the International Association of Gaming Regulators, his expertise contributes to shaping regulatory practices and industry innovation.

5. What is the objective of the conference in Sydney?

The conference aims to foster dialogue, drive positive change, and cultivate a safer, more sustainable gambling environment for all stakeholders involved in the industry.

6. Where will the conference take place?

The conference will be held in Sydney, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage in discussions against the backdrop of the city’s vibrant culture and iconic landmarks.

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