In an exciting development, Paf has inked a groundbreaking deal with the renowned Redi shopping centre in Helsinki, setting the stage for a new era in amusement gaming. This strategic partnership, facilitated through Game Room, Paf’s subsidiary dedicated to reselling amusement games, signifies a bold step into a new dimension of entertainment. 

The Game Room extends Paf’s prowess in amusement gaming to a broader audience of all ages, amplifying the joy and thrill of gaming. It takes pride in developing various forms of amusement machines. From racing games and VR experiences to claw machines and more, Game Room’s diverse portfolio contributes to creating a rich tapestry of entertainment options.

As part of this exhilarating venture, Paf is set to install 10 diverse amusement games at Pikselo, located in the Redi shopping centre, during Q1 2024. These games encompass a spectrum of genres, including racing, sports, and immersive VR experiences, ensuring a delightful gaming experience for visitors of all ages. Beyond the installation, Paf commits to providing steadfast support and maintenance for the amusement games, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for Pikselo visitors long after the initial setup. The organization plans significant investments in the future, promising an enhanced entertainment concept on board the ships, mirroring the success of their land-based ventures.

Lasse Danielsson, Paf Land & Ship COO, expressed the organization’s commitment to expanding into entertainment and amusement games, saying, “Paf has for a long time been very good at amusement games because it is part of our physical game offering. Game Room takes that knowledge to the next level and broadens our current offering by providing complete amusement gaming solutions. We have a clear objective to grow in the entertainment and amusement games industry.” 

He continued: “We are actively looking for new opportunities both on land and sea. We will invest heavily in this in the future, which will also be noticeable on board the ships where we have already established the concept.”

Jan Hursti, Pikseli CEO and Founder, expressed enthusiasm about collaboration, stating, “We look forward to working with Game Room for our Pikseli store in Helsinki. We want to expand our business and offer more forms of games to customers, which we now have the opportunity to do.”

The collaboration between Paf and Redi, facilitated by Game Room, signifies a transformative step in the realm of entertainment. As 10 amusement games grace Pikselo, visitors can anticipate a delightful and immersive experience, setting the stage for future innovations in amusement gaming.

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