Cyprus has taken a significant stride in promoting responsible gambling with the launch of the National Self-Exclusion Platform (PSC). Developed and managed by the National Betting Authority as part of the country’s Safer Gambling Strategy 2022-2025, this platform aims to empower players and protect vulnerable individuals from the potential harms of excessive gambling.

The National Self-Exclusion Platform enables players to voluntarily exclude themselves from all forms of gambling activities, whether online or offline. Players have the flexibility to choose the duration of their self-exclusion, opting for either a temporary suspension or a permanent ban based on their individual requirements. Notably, individuals undergoing self-exclusion will still have access to their accounts to withdraw any existing funds, promoting financial responsibility alongside gambling harm prevention.

Ioanna Fiakkou, President of the National Betting Authority, emphasizes the platform’s role in fostering healthy gambling behaviors and safeguarding vulnerable groups within the community. With a commitment to transparency and fairness, Fiakkou envisions the National Self-Exclusion Platform as a cornerstone of Cyprus’s efforts to create a sustainable and equitable gambling environment. By initially targeting online betting service providers holding a Class B license, the platform demonstrates adaptability and scalability to accommodate future expansions and enhancements.

The launch of the National Self-Exclusion Platform aligns with Cyprus’s broader Safer Gambling Strategy, underscoring the government’s dedication to prioritizing player protection and industry sustainability. By offering a free and accessible mechanism for self-exclusion across all betting services and operators, Cyprus sets a precedent for proactive intervention and harm reduction in the gambling sector. Furthermore, the platform’s capability to prevent individuals from opening new accounts during the exclusion period enhances its effectiveness in mitigating potential relapses.

Fiakkou emphasizes the importance of collaboration among stakeholders, urging participation from various sectors, including athletes, federations, and state bodies. By involving key stakeholders in the development and implementation of the platform, Cyprus aims to bolster the fight against match manipulation and uphold integrity in sports. This collaborative approach reflects the National Betting Authority’s strategic commitment to strengthening protective measures, reducing vulnerability, and fostering a sustainable gambling industry.

While Cyprus leads the charge in promoting responsible gambling through self-exclusion initiatives, it is not alone in its endeavors. Recent developments, such as the launch of BetStop in Australia, underscore a global trend towards prioritizing player protection and enhancing industry accountability. By sharing insights and experiences, countries like Cyprus and Australia contribute to a collective effort to address gambling-related harm on a global scale.

Cyprus’s introduction of the National Self-Exclusion Platform marks a significant milestone in the journey towards safer and more responsible gambling practices. Through proactive measures and stakeholder collaboration, Cyprus aims to empower individuals, protect vulnerable groups, and ensure the sustainability of its gambling industry. As the nation embraces a holistic approach to gambling regulation, the National Self-Exclusion Platform stands as a testament to Cyprus’s commitment to promoting player welfare and integrity in the gambling landscape.

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