IGT Teams Up with Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Pioneering Gaming Innovation Partnership

The gaming industry is abuzz with excitement as International Game Technology (IGT), a trailblazer in gaming technology, joins forces with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation in a groundbreaking partnership. The partnership signals a major advancement, ushering in a fresh era of innovation and potential in gaming and lottery solutions.

International Game Technology and Atlantic Lottery Collaboration

The Partnership Deal: A Five-Year Commitment

The cornerstone of this partnership is a comprehensive five-year agreement, wherein IGT pledges to supply the Atlantic Lottery with a diverse array of gaming content and innovative solutions. This entails the provision of an extensive suite of instant games, meticulously crafted to captivate players with engaging gameplay and immersive experiences. Leveraging IGT’s cutting-edge cloud-based remote game server (RGS), the partnership aims to deliver seamless access to a captivating portfolio of games, redefining the gaming landscape in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Lottery’s Perspective: Embracing Innovation

From the perspective of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, this partnership represents a bold leap forward in embracing innovation and enhancing the gaming experience for players across the region. Robert LaLonde, the iGaming Director at Atlantic Lottery Corporation, exudes enthusiasm as he underscores the significance of offering dynamic digital instant games from IGT’s extensive content portfolio. LaLonde emphasizes the scalability of IGT’s cloud-based RGS, highlighting its ability to facilitate real-time modifications and optimizations, thereby elevating the overall iGaming experience for players.

IGT’s Commitment to Excellence: Driving Growth and Innovation

For IGT, this partnership symbolizes a compelling opportunity to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the gaming industry. Srini Nedunuri, the Senior Vice President of Global iLottery at IGT, expresses excitement about collaborating with the Atlantic Lottery to deliver cloud-based RGS and engaging digital instant games. Nedunuri reaffirms IGT’s dedication to driving growth for its partners and embracing new horizons of innovation, thereby enriching the gaming landscape and fostering player engagement.

Omnichannel Branding and Scalability: Key Highlights

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is the facilitation of omnichannel branding across both retail and digital platforms, bridging the gap between physical and digital gaming experiences. The seamless integration of IGT’s cloud-based RGS enables unparalleled flexibility and scalability, empowering the Atlantic Lottery to adapt and evolve its offerings in response to evolving player preferences and market dynamics. This convergence of physical and digital realms enriches player engagement and fosters long-term loyalty.

Long-Term Vision: Extending the Partnership Horizon

While the initial agreement spans five years, it is imbued with a long-term vision, offering potential options to extend the partnership beyond April 2029. This forward-looking approach underscores the mutual commitment of both company to foster innovation, drive sustainable growth, and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences to players across Atlantic Canada. The partnership sets the stage for a journey of exploration, innovation, and collaboration, shaping the future of gaming and lottery solutions.

FAQs About the IGT and the Atlantic Lottery Partnership

1. What is the duration of the partnership between IGT and the Atlantic Lottery?

The partnership entails a comprehensive five-year commitment, with potential options to extend the deal beyond April 2029, highlighting the long-term vision and commitment of both parties.

2. What are the key components of the partnership deal?

The partnership deal encompasses the supply of a diverse suite of gaming content, including instant games, leveraging IGT’s cloud-based remote game server (RGS), and incorporating advanced player engagement tools.

3. How does the Atlantic Lottery perceive this partnership?

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation embraces this partnership as a transformative alliance that enables the delivery of dynamic digital instant games from IGT’s extensive content portfolio, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players in the region.

4. What is IGT’s commitment to driving growth and innovation through this partnership?

It is dedicated to leveraging its expertise and advanced technology solutions to drive growth for its partners, reaching new players in the region with reliable technology and top-performing games.

5. How does the integration of IGT’s cloud-based RGS enhance player engagement?

The integration facilitates omnichannel branding across retail and digital platforms, enabling seamless convergence between physical and digital gaming experiences, enriching player engagement and fostering long-term loyalty.

6. What is the significance of the long-term vision underlying this partnership?

The long-term vision underscores the mutual commitment of both company to foster innovation, drive growth, and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences to players across Atlantic Canada, shaping the future of gaming and lottery solutions.

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