In an innovative collaboration, iCleanse, a leading supplier, has joined forces with Mohegan Sun to roll out 15 Swift UV units across the property. These state-of-the-art devices offer swift smartphone disinfection utilizing ultraviolet (UV) light technology, coupled with targeted digital advertising.

The primary objective of the partnership between iCleanse and Mohegan Sun is to elevate health and safety standards within the resort premises. The Swift UV units are specifically engineered to sanitize smartphones rapidly, effectively eliminating various pathogens, including COVID-19, RSV, and influenza, in just 15 seconds.

This initiative holds particular significance, especially during the cold and flu season, providing guests with an additional layer of protection against harmful germs.

Chris Allen, CEO of iCleanse, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Mohegan Sun marks a significant milestone in the adoption of Swift UV technology. By integrating ultraviolet technology with place-based advertising, we offer a dual benefit to any establishment or organization with public space.”

The Swift UV units deployed throughout Mohegan Sun serve a dual purpose, not only sanitizing smartphones but also showcasing site-specific promotional videos during the disinfection process. These units are strategically placed in various high-traffic zones within the property, including casinos, the Mohegan Sun Arena, the Shops at Mohegan Sun, and the Sky Tower hotel lobby.

Kimberly Noto, Chief Marketing Officer of Mohegan Sun, highlighted the rationale behind selecting Swift UV units, emphasizing their seamless deployment, operational efficiency, and the added advantage of on-site advertising for entertainment offerings and promotions. She further emphasized that the installation of multiple Swift UV units contributes to maintaining a healthier environment for all guests while simultaneously benefiting the resort’s diverse range of amenities, including over 70 restaurants, bars, lounges, and retail outlets. 

The Swift UV units are engineered to disinfect any standard smartphone and case, with promotional content delivered via Wi-Fi, Ethernet connection, or 4G. iCleanse’s Swift UV technology is versatile and adaptable to various public spaces beyond casinos, including airports, hotels, healthcare facilities, and more.

This collaboration between iCleanse and Mohegan Sun adds to the resort’s track record of embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance the guest experience and safety. In December 2023, Mohegan Sun made headlines by partnering with Tesla to introduce Connecticut’s first Tesla Electric Vehicle Showroom at the resort, marking a significant milestone in zero-emission vehicle sales within the state.

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