Gaming Corps has entered into a strategic partnership with Fortuna Entertainment. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both entities, aiming to expand Gaming Corps’ presence across five key markets: Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Croatia.

Fortuna Entertainment

Gaming Corps and Fortuna Entertainment Partnership

Fortuna Entertainment: A Powerhouse in Gaming

Founded in 1990, Fortuna Entertainment stands as a formidable omni-channel operator with an extensive workforce of over 6,000 employees. With a rich history spanning decades, Fortuna has established itself as a leading operator in Central and Eastern Europe, boasting a strong foothold in the gaming industry.

Gaming Corps’ Diverse Gaming Portfolio

Gaming Corps brings to the table a diverse and captivating gaming portfolio, encompassing a wide array of gaming titles tailored to suit every player’s preference. From adrenaline-pumping Crash and Mine games to classic Table and Slot games, Gaming Corps offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Noteworthy additions to their repertoire include the acclaimed Jet Lucky and Coin Miner series, along with recent releases like Wild Woof, Raging Zeus Mines, Shootout Champion, and Ramen Puzzle.

A Monumental Year for Gaming Corps

Mats Lundin, Gaming Corps’ Sales Director, expressed his excitement about the partnership, describing it as a monumental year for the company. Lundin emphasized the opportunity to expand Gaming Corps’ footprint in Europe, capitalizing on Fortuna’s established presence in the region. He highlighted the significance of offering players in each country access to Gaming Corps’ engaging games, thereby enhancing their gaming experience.

Fortuna’s Commitment to Excellence

Myke Foster, Fortuna’s Group Head of Commercial Gaming Operations, echoed Lundin’s sentiments, underscoring the addition of Gaming Corps’ high-quality games content as a testament to Fortuna’s commitment to excellence. Foster emphasized Fortuna’s dedication to providing players with the best gaming experience possible, aligning perfectly with Gaming Corps’ offerings.

Expanding Distribution Channels

This partnership follows Gaming Corps’ successful collaborations with other operators globally, demonstrating the company’s commitment to expanding its distribution channels and reaching new audiences. Previous ventures with operators like BetPawa in Africa and Ambassadoribet in Georgia have paved the way for strategic partnerships, further solidifying Gaming Corps’ position in the gaming industry. Additionally, Gaming Corps has forged alliances with Alea, Betway Group, and LV Bet, enhancing its reach and accessibility.

Strategic Partnership: Revolutionizing Gaming Landscape

The partnership between Gaming Corps and Fortuna Entertainment marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, promising to revolutionize the gaming landscape of Central and Eastern Europe. By integrating Gaming Corps’ captivating gaming content into Fortuna’s iGaming portfolio, players across the region can look forward to an unparalleled gaming experience. As Gaming Corps continues to forge strategic partnerships and expand its reach, the future of gaming in Central and Eastern Europe looks brighter than ever.

FAQs About Gaming Corps and Fortuna Partnership

1. What markets will benefit from Gaming Corps and Fortuna’s partnership?

Players in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Croatia will have access to Gaming Corps’ content through Fortuna’s iGaming platform.

2. How does Gaming Corps aim to expand its presence in Europe?

By partnering with established operators like Fortuna, Gaming Corps can tap into existing markets and reach a broader audience of players.

3. What types of games will be available through Fortuna’s iGaming portfolio?

Fortuna will offer a diverse range of gaming titles, including Crash, Mine, Table, and Slot games, along with certified favorites like Plinko.

4. What are some notable gaming titles included in Gaming Corps’ offerings?

Players can enjoy series like Jet Lucky and Coin Miner, as well as recent releases like Wild Woof, Raging Zeus Mines, Shootout Champion, and Ramen Puzzle.

5. How does Fortuna plan to enhance its gaming portfolio with Gaming Corps’ content?

Fortuna aims to provide players with a more memorable gaming experience by adding Gaming Corps’ high-quality games to its portfolio.

6. What partnerships has Gaming Corps previously established in the gaming industry?

Gaming Corps has collaborated with operators globally, including BetPawa, Ambassadoribet, Alea, Betway Group, and LV Bet, to expand its distribution channels and reach new audiences.

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