In an exciting development for the gaming industry, Gaming Corps has partnered with iGaming Deck, a prominent cloud-based aggregator platform. This strategic collaboration aims to amplify the reach of Gaming Corps’ diverse portfolio of gaming content, making it more accessible to a broader audience of gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Gaming Corps’ Partnership with iGaming Deck

Gaming Corps with iGaming Deck

Gaming Corps’ recent partnership with iGaming Deck marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to expand its presence in the gaming market. By joining forces with iGaming Deck, Gaming Corps aims to tap into a vast network of gaming operators and platforms, leveraging the aggregator’s extensive reach and robust infrastructure.

Leveraging iGaming Deck’s Network

One of the key objectives of this partnership is to leverage iGaming Deck’s extensive network to enhance the distribution of Gaming Corps’ gaming content. iGaming Deck serves as a centralized hub, offering a wide array of online casino games from various developers. With over 10,000 titles available, iGaming Deck provides operators with a diverse selection of gaming content to offer their players.

Enhancing Accessibility and Reach

Through integration via a single API, operators partnering with iGaming Deck gain access to Gaming Corps’ portfolio of MGA-licensed gaming content. This includes a range of exciting titles such as crash, mine, table, and slot games, as well as popular series like Jet Lucky and Coin Miner. Recent releases like Wild Woof, Ramen Puzzle, and Super Hot Stacks are also part of Gaming Corps’ offering, further enriching the gaming experience for players.

Optimizing Player Experience

Mats Lundin, Gaming Corps Director of Sales, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering thrilling gaming experiences. Lundin stated, “We are delighted to be able to add our thrilling games content to the platform. We have continued to strengthen our games portfolio with memorable, action-packed games, and we are excited to present these titles to all of iGaming Deck’s growing list of partners, giving more players the opportunity to enjoy what we have to offer.”

Partnering for Success

Inesa Glazaite, iGaming Deck’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), emphasized the significance of Gaming Corps’ inclusion in their platform. Glazaite stated, “Having Gaming Corp’s full library of games available to our operators via iGaming Deck further improves the depth of offering and the experiences we can deliver to players.” Glazaite highlighted iGaming Deck’s commitment to building a seamless gaming experience for both operators and players, ensuring great reporting, functionality, and overall satisfaction.

The Dynamic Partnership

With Gaming Corps and iGaming Deck joining forces, players can look forward to an enhanced gaming experience with access to an extensive selection of thrilling titles. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both companies to driving innovation and delivering exceptional gaming content to audiences worldwide.

FAQs About Gaming Corps’ Partnership with iGaming Deck

1. What is the primary objective of Gaming Corps’ partnership with iGaming Deck?

The company aims to broaden the distribution of its gaming content and enhance accessibility to a wider audience through its partnership with iGaming Deck.

2. How does iGaming Deck contribute to the company’s goals?

The iGaming Deck serves as a cloud-based aggregator platform, offering over 10,000 titles from various game developers, providing operators with a centralized hub for gaming content.

3. What types of gaming content are included in Gaming Corps’ portfolio?

The portfolio encompasses a diverse range of gaming content, including crash, mine, table, and slot games, as well as popular series like Jet Lucky and Coin Miner.

4. How does the integration via a single API benefit operators?

Integration via a single API streamlines the process for operators, granting them access to Gaming Corps’ MGA-licensed content and simplifying the management of gaming offerings.

5. What recent releases are part of the company’s gaming portfolio?

Recent releases such as Wild Woof, Ramen Puzzle, and Super Hot Stacks are among the exciting titles included in the company’s gaming portfolio.

6. What are the key priorities for iGaming Deck in delivering gaming experiences?

The iGaming Deck prioritizes delivering a seamless gaming experience for both operators and players, focusing on great reporting, functionality, and overall satisfaction.


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