GamCare has recently announced the promotion of Mark Weiss to the esteemed position of Deputy CEO. This significant move comes as a testament to GamCare’s commitment to enhancing its leadership team and furthering its mission of providing vital support to individuals affected by gambling-related harm. 

Mark Weiss brings with him over a decade of invaluable experience in health policy and communications. Prior to his appointment as Deputy CEO, Weiss served as the Director of Communications and External Affairs at GamCare, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s external engagement strategies. His wealth of experience includes overseeing policy and public affairs for the UK’s largest hospital specialty during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Weiss has a distinguished tenure at the UK Faculty of Public Health, where he held several influential roles across policy and public affairs. 

Since joining GamCare in 2022, Mark Weiss has been an integral part of the charity’s operations, particularly in the realm of external engagement and communications. His dedication and expertise have significantly contributed to the advancement of GamCare’s mission to support individuals affected by gambling harm. Weiss’s multifaceted approach to communication and collaboration has fostered fruitful partnerships with key stakeholders in the gambling support ecosystem.

In his new role as Deputy CEO, Mark Weiss will work closely with Executive Chair Margot Daly to spearhead leadership initiatives aimed at enhancing gambling safety. Weiss’s keen understanding of the complexities surrounding gambling-related harm equips him to drive impactful strategies that prioritize prevention and support for those in need. Through collaboration with third-sector partners, including GambleAware, the NHS, and government agencies, GamCare aims to shape the future of gambling support in Britain, ensuring that comprehensive resources are available to individuals and communities across the nation.

Executive Chair Margot Daly warmly welcomes Mark Weiss’s appointment, acknowledging his firsthand experience and unwavering dedication to GamCare’s mission. Weiss’s collaborative and evidence-based approach aligns seamlessly with GamCare’s ethos of providing effective support and intervention to individuals affected by gambling-related harm. With Weiss’s leadership, GamCare is poised to further strengthen its position as a leading authority in gambling support services.

Earlier this month, GamCare reported a notable increase in engagement with its National Gambling Helpline, underscoring the growing demand for support services. In 2023, the helpline received a record-breaking 52,370 calls and online chats, marking a significant 24% increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, the organization’s WhatsApp channel recorded 6,000 interactions throughout the year, highlighting the evolving landscape of support mechanisms for individuals seeking assistance with gambling-related issues. 

Mark Weiss’s appointment as Deputy CEO of GamCare signifies a pivotal moment in the organization’s journey towards enhancing support for individuals affected by gambling harm. With his wealth of experience and collaborative leadership style, Weiss is poised to drive impactful initiatives that prioritize prevention, intervention, and support services. As GamCare continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its stakeholders, its commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices remains unwavering.

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