Endeavor has planned for a comprehensive integration with IMG ARENA since its acquisition of OpenBet in 2022.

Endeavor, a global sports and entertainment company, has announced its plan to merge its global sports betting and data businesses, OpenBet and IMG ARENA. Under the integration, IMG ARENA will operate within the OpenBet framework, maintaining its offerings in sports data, integrity, and fan engagement products.

The merged entity aims to capitalize on the strengths of both brands. OpenBet brings its industry-leading betting technology, content, and services, while IMG ARENA contributes its data rights and capabilities. Together, the new OpenBet will offer a comprehensive sports data, technology, and content ecosystem for operators and rightsholders.

Jordan Levin, the current CEO of OpenBet, will lead the new OpenBet, reporting directly to Mark Shapiro, Endeavor’s president and COO. Freddie Longe, president of IMG Arena, will serve as a strategic advisor during the transition phase.

OpenBet brings over 25 years of experience in sports betting innovation, offering a modular range of technology, content, and services. Meanwhile, IMG Arena supplies sports data and technology to various sectors, providing live streaming and data feeds for a multitude of events.

The merger between the two companies represents a strategic move following a series of business deals for both parties.

Mark Shapiro, Endeavor’s president and COO, emphasized that the integration with IMG ARENA had been a goal since acquiring OpenBet in 2022, describing the announcement as the realization of that vision. He highlighted the potential to unlock significant value for sports rights, intellectual property, and partnerships, leveraging Endeavor’s sports and entertainment capabilities.

Jordan Levin, CEO of OpenBet, emphasized the merged entity’s unique position as a leading sports data, technology, and content ecosystem for gambling companies, rightsholders, and media. He underscored the commitment to customer-centric product and technology innovation, aiming to provide tailored solutions to leagues, federations, and sportsbooks worldwide.

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