Claire Bailiss steps into the position of Chief People Officer (CPO) at Sportingtech, bringing with her over 30 years of extensive experience in the field of Human Resources (HR). Her illustrious career spans various reputable companies, including GAN and Bailiss’ remarkable journey in HR management positions her as a distinguished leader poised to spearhead Sportingtech’s human resources strategies and initiatives.

Chief People Officer (CPO) at Sportingtech


Claire Bailiss: A Journey Through HR Excellence

Early Career Highlights

At the onset of her career, Claire Bailiss showcased her prowess in HR management at EMI Group, where she served as Human Resources Manager from 1994 to 2003. Subsequently, she transitioned to Turner Broadcasting System, assuming the same role until May 2012. Bailiss’ tenure at these renowned organizations laid the foundation for her remarkable journey in the field of HR.

Key Roles and Contributions

In 2012, Bailiss embarked on a new chapter by joining as a HR Business Partner, where she played a pivotal role in various facets of HR, including employee relations, performance management, and training and development. Her invaluable contributions solidified her reputation as a strategic HR leader committed to driving organizational success.

In October 2016, Bailiss transitioned to GAN, where she assumed the role of Head of HR, subsequently earning a promotion to Director, HR (Europe) in March 2021. Her tenure at GAN underscored her ability to foster high-performing teams and cultivate positive work environments conducive to employee growth and development.

A Vision for Sportingtech

In her latest role as Chief People Officer at Sportingtech, Bailiss is tasked with developing and implementing the company’s human resources strategies and policies. With a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, she aims to create a workplace environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being.

Initiatives to Drive Organizational Excellence

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Bailiss is committed to championing diversity and inclusion initiatives at Sportingtech, recognizing the invaluable contributions of a diverse workforce to organizational success. By fostering an inclusive workplace culture, she aims to harness the collective talents and perspectives of employees to drive innovation and growth.

Talent Acquisition and Development

As the leader of Sportingtech’s HR and talent acquisition team, Bailiss prioritizes the recruitment, development, and retention of top talent. By implementing robust talent acquisition strategies and investing in employee development programs, she seeks to nurture a skilled and engaged workforce capable of driving the company’s success in a competitive market landscape.

Claire Bailiss: A Message of Optimism and Commitment

In expressing her enthusiasm for her new role at Sportingtech, Bailiss emphasized the pivotal role of people in driving the company’s success. She looks forward to collaborating with the talented team at Sportingtech to build on the company’s achievements and foster a culture of excellence and growth.

Claire Bailiss’ appointment as Chief People Officer (CPO) at Sportingtech heralds a new era of HR excellence for the company. With her extensive experience, strategic vision, and commitment to fostering a positive workplace environment, Bailiss is poised to lead Sportingtech to new heights of success and innovation.

FAQs About Claire Bailiss As Chief People Officer at Sportingtech

1. What is Claire Bailiss’ role at Sportingtech?

Claire Bailiss has been appointed as Chief People Officer (CPO) at Sportingtech, where she will lead the company’s human resources strategies and initiatives.

2. What is Claire Bailiss’ professional background?

Claire Bailiss brings over 30 years of experience in HR to her role at Sportingtech, having worked for companies such as GAN and in various HR management positions.

3. What are Claire Bailiss’ key responsibilities at Sportingtech?

As CPO, Claire Bailiss is responsible for developing and implementing Sportingtech’s human resources strategies and policies, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

4. How will Claire Bailiss contribute to fostering a positive workplace environment at Sportingtech?

Claire Bailiss aims to create a positive workplace environment at Sportingtech by championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, prioritizing talent acquisition and development, and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

5. What are Claire Bailiss’ goals for her tenure at Sportingtech?

She aims to drive organizational excellence at Sportingtech by implementing effective HR strategies, nurturing a skilled and engaged workforce, and contributing to the company’s overall growth and success.

6. How does Claire Bailiss envision her role impacting Sportingtech’s future?

Claire Bailiss believes that her role as Chief People Officer will play a pivotal role in shaping Sportingtech’s future success by fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and employee empowerment.

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