Coushatta Tribe Announces Groundbreaking Event for Louisiana Resort Expansion

The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana reveals plans for a momentous expansion of its renowned Coushatta Casino Resort, situated near Kinder. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the upcoming development and what visitors can expect.

Coushatta Tribe Announces Groundbreaking Event for Louisiana Resort Expansion

Coushatta Tribe Announces Groundbreaking Event for Louisiana Resort Expansion

Coushatta Casino Resort  and New Accommodation 

The tribe recently unveiled its intentions to construct a new eight-story hotel directly connected to the casino, featuring 204 rooms and 100 suites. This strategic integration aims to offer visitors seamless access to the gaming area, complementing the tribe’s diverse gaming offerings.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

With over 2,000 slot games, 55 table games, including popular options like poker and bingo, and a fully-equipped sportsbook, the Coushatta Casino Resort promises an unparalleled gaming experience for guests. The addition of the new hotel is poised to further elevate the resort’s capacity and visitor amenities.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

By expanding the resort’s capacity, the Coushatta Tribe endeavors to accommodate a larger influx of guests, consequently fostering economic growth in the local community. Moreover, the construction of the new luxury hotel is expected to generate employment opportunities, further enriching the region’s workforce.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Details

The highly-anticipated groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled to take place at 10 am on March, heralding the commencement of the resort’s expansion. Notable attendees will include representatives from the Coushatta Tribe, as well as key stakeholders from TBE Architects, Yates Construction, and the Wenaha Group.

Public Participation and Celebratory Program

Held at the Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the Seven Clans Hotel, the ceremony will be open to the public, inviting attendees to witness this historic moment. Highlights of the program include traditional performances by Coushatta Tribe dancers and drummers, alongside a ceremonial cake-cutting ceremony.

Jonathan Cernek’s Vision

Jonathan Cernek, Chairman of the Coushatta Tribal Council, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the tribe’s commitment to providing guests with unparalleled hospitality and gaming experiences. He envisions the Coushatta Casino Resort as a premier destination, setting new standards of excellence in the region.

FAQs: Your Guide to the Coushatta Casino Resort Expansion

1.What is the purpose of the groundbreaking ceremony?

The groundbreaking ceremony marks the official commencement of construction for the Coushatta Casino Resort expansion.

2.How many rooms and suites will the new hotel feature?

The new hotel will boast 204 rooms and 100 suites, seamlessly integrated with the casino.

3.What gaming amenities does the Coushatta Casino Resort offer?

Guests can enjoy over 2,000 slot games, 55 table games, and a fully-equipped sportsbook for wagering on sporting events.

4.What economic benefits will the expansion bring to the local community?

The expansion is expected to stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities in the region.

5.Who will attend the groundbreaking ceremony?

Notable attendees include representatives from the Coushatta Tribe and key stakeholders involved in the project.

6.Where will the groundbreaking ceremony take place?

The ceremony will be held at the Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the Seven Clans Hotel.

7. Will the event be open to the public?

Yes, the ceremony welcomes public participation, allowing attendees to witness the historic occasion.

8.What is the long-term vision for the Coushatta Casino Resort?

The tribe aims to establish the resort as a premier destination, offering unparalleled hospitality and gaming experiences in the region.

9. What significance does the groundbreaking event hold for the Coushatta Tribe?

The groundbreaking event signifies the beginning of a new phase of growth and development for the Coushatta Tribe’s resort, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing their offerings and contributing to the local economy.

10. Will there be any opportunities for media coverage of the event?

Media coverage of the groundbreaking event may be arranged, and journalists or media outlets interested in covering the event can reach out to the Coushatta Tribe’s communications team for arrangements and press materials.

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