During the holiday season, strategic game choices resulted in the elimination of six participants in the recent rounds. The last four competitors in Circa Sports’ professional football competition, Circa Survivor, will compete for a $9.3 million prize pool.

In contrast to last year, 11 of the 14 participants were eliminated during the holiday weekend. Teams like Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minnesota are currently dominated in the discussion for week 17. Recently, Circa Sports launched Circa Sports Illinois as part of a collaboration with Full House Resorts to increase its market share in Illinois. A mobile app and a brick-and-mortar sportsbook at the American Place in Waukegan are included in this expansion.

The company offers competitions like Circa Million IV and Circa Survivor in a number of states, including Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa. Furthermore, Circa Resorts collaborated with Amazon’s Alexa Smart Properties to launch voice-activated services at Circa Resort & Casino in Southern Nevada. By the time the competition reaches week 17, all of the remaining entries will have a combined estimated worth of $2.3 million.

The participants, who were divided into weeks 16A and 16B, had to pick their games wisely on particular days, and the teams that remained were Circus Master, Indiana Jet, LA Joneser, and Jax Jags.

The Sunday Christmas Eve game became the moment when six hopefuls stepped up to place bets on Denver’s winning over New England. Denver made a comeback; however, New England’s last-second field goal put an end to those participants’ Circa Survivor odyssey.

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