In the realm of British horseracing, a recent initiative has taken center stage, promising a significant stride forward in the welfare and transparency of the sport. Led by prominent organizations such as the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), Great British Racing (GBR), and the Horse Welfare Board (HWB), with generous support from the Jockey Club, the HorsePWR campaign emerged as a beacon of change and progress.


The HorsePWR Campaign

Addressing the Need for Transparency

The genesis of the HorsePWR campaign stems from a recognized gap in the dissemination of accurate information concerning horseracing. Following debates surrounding the welfare of horses during events like the Grand National, it became evident that a centralized source of reliable data and insights was lacking. Richard Hoiles, a distinguished Racing Broadcaster, emphasizes the critical role of the campaign in providing credible information to fuel informed opinions.

Comprehensive Welfare Coverage

One of the distinguishing features of the HorsePWR campaign is its all-encompassing approach to horseracing welfare. It extends its focus beyond actively racing horses to include those retired from the sport—a testament to its commitment to holistic welfare management. Gabi Whitfield, Head of Welfare Communications at GBR, highlights the public’s desire for assurance regarding the well-being of racing horses, underscoring the campaign’s mandate to address concerns and promote responsible practices.

Transparency and Responsibility

Central to the ethos of the HorsePWR campaign is the core principle of transparency. Robin Mounsey, Head of Communications at BHA, emphasizes the importance of candid dialogue and proactive engagement with areas of concern within the sport. By tackling issues head-on and providing accessible information, the campaign aims to educate and reassure stakeholders about the industry’s commitment to welfare standards.

Multi-Pronged Communication Strategy

The HorsePWR campaign employs a diverse array of communication channels to disseminate its message effectively. From the comprehensive website,, to strategically designed posters, the campaign ensures that its core messages of transparency, responsibility, and welfare permeate various platforms. This multi-pronged approach maximizes the campaign’s reach and fosters engagement among diverse audiences.

Building on Past Success

The inception of the HorsePWR campaign builds upon previous endeavors by the BHA, such as the welfare-focused initiatives during events like Cheltenham. By leveraging past successes and learnings, the campaign enters the arena with a wealth of experience and a renewed commitment to advancing horseracing welfare standards.

Conclusion: Embracing Change for a Brighter Future

The HorsePWR campaign represents a transformative step towards enhanced welfare and transparency. Led by esteemed organizations and backed by a robust communication strategy, the campaign embodies a collective commitment to responsible practices and continuous improvement. As it builds upon past successes and addresses current challenges, the HorsePWR campaign paves the way for a brighter future in horseracing.

FAQs About the HorsePWR Campaign

1. What is the main objective of the HorsePWR campaign?

The main objective of the HorsePWR campaign is to enhance transparency and welfare standards in British horseracing, addressing concerns and promoting responsible practices.

2. How does the campaign differ from previous welfare initiatives?

Unlike previous initiatives, the HorsePWR campaign adopts a comprehensive approach, covering both actively racing horses and retired ones, and employs a multi-pronged communication strategy for maximum impact.

3. Who are the key organizations behind the HorsePWR campaign?

The HorsePWR campaign is led by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), Great British Racing (GBR), and the Horse Welfare Board (HWB), with support from the Jockey Club.

4. What communication channels does the campaign utilize?

The campaign utilizes various communication channels, including its website, and strategically designed posters, to ensure widespread dissemination of its messages.

5. How does the campaign aim to reassure stakeholders about horseracing welfare?

The HorsePWR campaign emphasizes transparency and responsibility, providing credible information and engaging in candid dialogue to educate and reassure stakeholders about the industry’s commitment to welfare standards.

6. What distinguishes the HorsePWR campaign from other horseracing initiatives?

The HorsePWR campaign stands out for its comprehensive coverage, transparent communication strategy, and commitment to building upon past successes to advance horseracing welfare standards.

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