Bragg Gaming has inked a distribution agreement with Light & Wonder, heralding a new era of collaboration in the online gaming industry. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for both entities as they join forces to expand their reach and offer an unparalleled gaming experience to players worldwide.

Bragg Gaming

Bragg Gaming’s Dynamic Partnership with Light & Wonder

A Game-Changing Partnership

Under the terms of the agreement, Bragg Gaming will integrate its cutting-edge games from proprietary studios, including Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic, Wild Streak Gaming, and Spin Games, into Light & Wonder’s esteemed online ecosystem. This integration paves the way for players to access a diverse portfolio of captivating titles, each crafted with innovation and excellence at its core.

Elevating the Gaming Experience

In addition to featuring games from its proprietary studios, Bragg Gaming will also showcase exclusive content from its esteemed “Powered by Bragg” partners. This curated selection of unique titles adds depth and variety to Light & Wonder’s gaming library, ensuring that players are treated to an immersive and engaging gaming experience like never before.

Expanding Market Presence

The distribution agreement between Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder extends beyond European regulated markets, encompassing key territories such as the USA and Canada. This expansive reach presents a golden opportunity for Bragg Gaming to amplify the visibility of its content and connect with new audiences across diverse geographical regions.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Commenting on the collaboration, Matevž Mazij, CEO of Bragg Gaming Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and highlighted the strategic significance of the alliance. He emphasized the importance of leveraging Light & Wonder’s extensive operator network to maximize the exposure of Bragg’s games and expand their global footprint.

Echoing Mazij’s sentiments, Steve Mayes, Senior Director of Digital Partnerships at Light & Wonder, lauded the collaboration as a testament to the power of their aggregation platform and global scale. Mayes expressed excitement about offering Bragg’s compelling content to their network of operators, underscoring the mutual benefits derived from the partnership.

Empowering Innovation and Growth

The partnership between Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder underscores their shared commitment to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to players worldwide. By harnessing the synergies between their respective platforms and content portfolios, they aim to set new standards of excellence in the online gaming landscape.

Seizing Opportunities, Shaping the Future

As Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder embark on this transformative journey together, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence and innovation. With a shared vision for growth and success, they are poised to unlock new opportunities, shape the future of online gaming, and delight players with unparalleled gaming experiences.

Conclusion: A New Chapter

The partnership between Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder heralds a new chapter of innovation, collaboration, and growth in the online gaming industry. By leveraging their strengths and expertise, they are poised to redefine the gaming landscape and create lasting value for players, operators, and stakeholders alike.

FAQs About Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder Partnership

1. What is the nature of the distribution agreement between Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder?

The distribution agreement between the two companies involves the integration of Bragg’s proprietary games and exclusive content into Light & Wonder’s online gaming platform.

2. Which gaming studios are part of Bragg Gaming’s proprietary portfolio?

Its proprietary portfolio includes studios such as Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic, Wild Streak Gaming, and Spin Games, known for their innovative and captivating game titles.

3. In which markets will Bragg Gaming’s content be available through Light & Wonder’s platform?

Its content will be available in various European regulated markets, as well as territories in the USA and Canada, expanding its reach to a global audience.

4. What advantages does this partnership offer to players?

 This partnership offers players access to a diverse selection of high-quality games and exclusive content, enhancing their gaming experience with a wide range of options to choose from.

5. How will this collaboration benefit Bragg Gaming and Light & Wonder?

This collaboration allows the company to expand its market presence and reach new audiences through Light & Wonder’s extensive operator network, while Light & Wonder gains access to Bragg’s compelling content portfolio, enriching its gaming offerings.

6. What role does Light & Wonder play in the distribution of Bragg Gaming’s content?

Light & Wonder serves as a distribution platform for Bragg Gaming’s content, providing access to its network of operators and facilitating the integration of Bragg’s games into its online gaming ecosystem.

7. How does this partnership contribute to the growth of the online gaming industry?

This partnership fosters innovation and growth in the online gaming industry by bringing together two leading players to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to players worldwide, driving industry standards and setting new benchmarks for excellence.

8. Can operators expect any exclusive promotions or incentives with the introduction of Bragg Gaming’s content?

While specific promotional details may vary by operator, the introduction of its content may present opportunities for operators to offer exclusive promotions and incentives to players, enhancing engagement and retention.

9. What steps are being taken to ensure the seamless integration of Bragg Gaming’s content into Light & Wonder’s platform?

Both companies are working closely to ensure the smooth integration of Bragg’s content into Light & Wonder’s platform, leveraging their expertise and resources to deliver a seamless and optimized gaming experience to players.

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