Booming Games has made waves in the online gaming industry with the exclusive launch of its newest game, Ronaldinho Spins, available only on the Betano platform in Brazil. This strategic move not only marks a significant milestone for Booming Games but also introduces a unique gaming experience centered around the legendary Ronaldinho Gaúcho.

Booming Games Unveils Exclusive Ronaldinho Spins on Betano Platform


Exclusive Launch on Betano in Brazil

Ronaldinho Spins has debuted exclusively on Betano, making it the sole platform in Brazil where players can enjoy this exciting slot game before its wider release across the country. The game’s development stems from Booming Games’ partnership with Ronaldinho Gaúcho, announced in November last year, marking the football icon’s first appearance in a slot game.

Special Copa America Edition

To celebrate its main sponsorship of Copa America, Betano has unveiled a special version of Ronaldinho Spins tailored for the tournament. This edition not only enhances the gaming experience but also aligns with Betano’s commitment to delivering exclusive content to its players during major sporting events.

Expansion through Partnerships

Booming Games continues to expand its reach globally through strategic partnerships. Recently, the collaboration with Aardvark Technologies has enabled Booming Games to integrate its content into Aardvark’s platform, ensuring accessibility to operators and customers across Africa. This expansion underscores Booming Games’ commitment to reaching new markets and providing unparalleled gaming entertainment worldwide.

Insights from Booming Games Leadership

Max Niehusen, CEO of Booming Games, expressed his excitement about the exclusive launch at Betano, stating, “As the CEO of Booming Games, I am thrilled to announce the exclusive release of Ronaldinho Spins on Betano. This collaboration with Ronaldinho Gaúcho exemplifies our dedication to innovation and delivering exceptional gaming experiences.”

Frederik Niehusen, CCO of Booming Games, emphasized the significance of partnering with Kaizen Gaming and Betano, saying, “We are proud to join forces with Kaizen Gaming and have our game featured on Betano, a premier brand in Brazil and globally. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our journey to offer unmatched entertainment to players worldwide.”

Industry Recognition and Player Experience

Antonio Lamagna, Head of RNG at Kaizen Gaming, highlighted the exceptional gaming experience brought by the collaboration with Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Lamagna stated, “The partnership with Booming Games has brought a new level of excitement to our platform. We are committed to delivering top-notch entertainment to our players and reinforcing our position as a leading operator in the industry.”

Betano’s Expansion into the UK Market

In a strategic move last month, Betano expanded its presence into the UK market through a partnership with BVGroup. This expansion allows UK customers to access enhanced features such as enhanced accas, bet boosts, a bet builder product, and a suite of safer gambling tools. This move underscores Betano’s commitment to catering to diverse markets and enhancing player engagement across regions.

Conclusion: Innovation and Expansion in Gaming

The exclusive launch of Ronaldinho Spins on Betano, coupled with Booming Games’ strategic partnerships and Betano’s expansion initiatives, highlights a period of significant growth and innovation in the online gaming sector. As Booming Games continues to innovate and expand its offerings globally, players can anticipate more immersive gaming experiences and unique collaborations in the future.

FAQs About the Exclusive Launch of Ronaldinho Spins on Betano

1. What is Ronaldinho Spins, and where can I play it?

Ronaldinho Spins is a new slot game launched exclusively on the Betano platform in Brazil by Booming Games. It features the legendary footballer Ronaldinho Gaúcho and offers a unique gaming experience. Players can currently enjoy it exclusively on Betano before its wider release in Brazil.

2. What makes Ronaldinho Spins special for the Copa America?

To celebrate its main sponsorship of Copa America, Betano has introduced a special edition of Ronaldinho Spins. This version enhances the game with elements tailored to the tournament, providing players with a thematic and exciting gaming experience during this major sporting event.

3. How did Booming Games partner with Ronaldinho Gaúcho?

Booming Games announced a partnership with Ronaldinho Gaúcho in November last year, marking the first time the football icon’s image has been featured in a slot game. This collaboration has brought a unique blend of sports and gaming entertainment to players worldwide.

4. What is the significance of Booming Games’ partnership with Aardvark Technologies?

Booming Games partnered with Aardvark Technologies to integrate its gaming content into Aardvark’s platform, expanding accessibility across Africa. This strategic move allows operators and customers in Africa to enjoy Booming Games’ diverse portfolio of slot games.

5. How has Betano expanded into the UK market?

Betano recently launched in the UK through a partnership with BVGroup, offering enhanced features such as enhanced accas, bet boosts, a bet builder product, and safer gambling tools. This expansion underscores Betano’s commitment to catering to diverse markets and providing a comprehensive gaming experience to UK customers.

6. Where can I find more information about Ronaldinho Spins and Betano’s gaming offerings?

For more details about Ronaldinho Spins, Betano’s exclusive offerings, and Booming Games’ latest updates, visit Betano’s official website or Booming Games’ official channels.

7. How does Betano ensure responsible gaming practices?

Betano prioritizes responsible gaming by offering a suite of safer gambling tools, including deposit limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion options. These tools aim to promote a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all players.

8. What are the benefits of playing Ronaldinho Spins on Betano?

Playing Ronaldinho Spins on Betano not only provides access to exclusive content but also ensures a high-quality gaming experience backed by Betano’s reputation as a leading operator in Brazil and beyond.

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