Booming Games has achieved a significant milestone in its quest for European expansion by securing a Romanian B2B licence from the Oficiul National Pentru Jocuri De Noroc (ONJN). This strategic move underscores Booming Games’ commitment to broadening its reach and offering an enhanced gaming experience to players across Europe. 

Booming Games

Booming Games Achieves Romanian B2B Licence

What Does the Licence Entail?

The newly acquired Romanian B2B licence empowers Booming Games to offer its diverse portfolio of gaming content to players in Romania. This includes access to a wide array of captivating titles such as Burning Classics, Gold Gold Gold, TNT Bonanza, Cash Pig, and Buffalo Hold and Win, among others. With this licence, Romanian players can immerse themselves in an unparalleled gaming adventure, courtesy of Booming Games’ innovative offerings.

Romania: A Thriving Gaming Market

Romania has emerged as a vibrant hub for gaming companies seeking to expand their operations in Europe. Boasting a growing player base and favorable regulatory framework, Romania presents lucrative opportunities for gaming providers like Booming Games. The recent surge in Romanian licences issued by the ONJN reflects the country’s pivotal role in the European gaming landscape.

Industry Insights from Regulatory Expert Anna-Maria Baciu

In a previous issue of Trafficology, regulatory and intellectual property lawyer Anna-Maria Baciu shed light on the dynamics of Romania’s iGaming market. According to Baciu, the sustained interest in Romanian Class 2 licences underscores the market’s stability and appeal to foreign companies. Despite legislative changes, the demand for Romanian licences remains robust, highlighting the country’s status as a key player in the European gaming arena.

Booming Games’ Vision for Expansion

Frederik Niehusen, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Booming Games, expressed elation at obtaining the Romanian B2B licence. Niehusen emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging this milestone to bolster its presence in the rapidly growing Romanian market. By enhancing its product offerings and catering to the evolving needs of customers, Booming Games aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the European gaming landscape.

Exploring EveryMatrix’s Bucharest Headquarters

In a separate development, EveryMatrix’s new headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, signifies the city’s significance as a strategic hub for gaming innovation. This visit underscores the thriving ecosystem of gaming companies in Romania and the region’s pivotal role in shaping the future of iGaming.

FAQs Booming Games Achieves Romanian B2B Licence

1. What does Booming Games’ Romanian B2B licence entail?

The licence enables Booming Games to offer its gaming content to players in Romania, including popular titles like Burning Classics and Gold Gold Gold.

2. Why is Romania considered a hotspot for gaming companies?

Romania boasts a growing player base and favorable regulatory framework, making it an attractive market for gaming expansion.

3. What insights did regulatory expert Anna-Maria Baciu provide about Romania’s iGaming market?

Baciu highlighted the stability of the Romanian market and the continued interest from foreign companies in obtaining Romanian licences.

4. How does Booming Games plan to utilize its Romanian B2B licence?

Booming Games aims to enhance its presence in the Romanian market by expanding its product offerings and catering to customer preferences.

5. What is the significance of EveryMatrix’s new headquarters in Bucharest?

EveryMatrix’s new headquarters underscore the city’s role as a key hub for gaming innovation and development in Romania.

6. Which gaming providers have recently expanded their reach in Romania?

Providers such as BGaming and Wazdan have expanded their presence in Romania through partnerships with local operators like Superbet and Totogaming.

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