The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has unveiled a strategic partnership with FeedConstruct, a leading provider specializing in data, technology, and sports transmission. This new commercial partnership reflects AFA’s overarching strategy to establish global commercial agreements, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the international sports arena.

Under this collaboration, FeedConstruct assumes the role of Regional Sponsor of AFA in Europe, signaling a significant partnership aimed at expanding the company’s footprint within the football industry.

Claudio Tapia, AFA President, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, stating, “We are very happy to announce a new sponsorship agreement for the National Teams, with an important technology company like FeedConstruct. Several years ago, when we began the management of AFA, we dream of being a leading institution in the sports industry at a global level. Commercial links with companies contribute a lot on that path.”

Tapia further highlighted the impact of such partnerships, stating, Having more than 50 commercial partners around the world gives us that leadership role and brings us closer to sports fans. Selection on every continent. Welcome FeedConstruct to the AFA family.”

Narek Harutyunyan, Head of Rights and Content Department at FeedConstruct, commented about the partnership, saying, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Argentine Football Association. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for FeedConstruct and we are excited to work closely with AFA and support the World Champions within the Argentine National Team.”

Leandro Petersen, AFA Marketing and Commercial Manager, celebrated the new Regional Sponsorship agreement in Europe, saying, “Today, we celebrate together with FeedConstruct a new Regional Sponsorship agreement in Europe. The strategic vision that we began at AFA in 2018 of global expansion to markets such as China, the United States, the Middle East and India is complemented by the most traditional and strong markets, such as Europe.”

Furthermore, as part of recent advancements, FeedConstruct has forged a strategic partnership with World Archery, obtaining exclusive rights for Betting Data Collection and Betting Streaming across diverse archery disciplines. This collaboration aims to contribute to the growth of archery as a betting market and provide accurate data insights for an enhanced fan experience.

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